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Paolo Latino: vocals and guitar
Danil Yuzefovich: bass
Pierluigi Massone: drums


released June 24, 2013

recorder and mixed by Paolo Latino at Punkhouse Studio
mastered by Carlo Izzo (



all rights reserved


TO BROTHERS Alessandria, Italy

NorthWest Italy based pop punk hardcore featuring members of Last Day Before Holiday, Jungle Fever, The Bigoz Quartet, Agent Pazz

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Track Name: Tourette Syndrome
trapped in a screaming match just with myself
and no one else is coming
later this night i think i'll disappear
i'm better off without me now
are you feeling the tension?
got a clue for the answer?
and every single word is not what we were meant to be
so bad that you dragged me so down
so alone and desperate in this house
and everytime i try to keep my head clean
from the feeling about you
i start to punch myself in the face
can't stop calling your name
Track Name: Wide Awake
wide awake at night the ceiling is opened up to the sky
i'm covered up with nothing but paranoia and lies
so face the facts that we're just wrecks
and there's no turning bacl from this world
i've had enough from this
wide awake at night
but when it's night i leave the light on and everything works out
i miss the times when i was younger and loving you so loud
take me anywhere but not here
you're so "so-so"
you're amazingly mangling me
you said it was ok to stay
i said no way no way
Track Name: Less Than Apple Pie
even when you talk you don't mean anything
and when you're walking you're not going anywhere
and it's just the way your eyebrow shakes
that brings me back to the start again
and this makes me think that you're ok
but i'm not ok when you walk away
oh oh then again
you freak me out without a second chance
all i have to tell you is that i really liked you since
the night i saw you in the crowd and we were yawning at the gig
you're an open book to me and i'm on the wrong page again
so i quit, so i quit
when everybody is telling that you're cool
you just pretend to tell me what to do
and just because you're hot and so naive
you think that everybody's at your feet
Track Name: Some Clouds Above Us
i'm stuck in here
nailed to this wall
i'm the living proof that the things i said were wrong
it is bound to happen
this is paint is too much thin to cover
can't you see i'm desperate, so desperate
so static, pathetic
i've spent the whole summer waiting
the clouds to come, the coming cold
when the leaves fall down and the birds fly south
will you be still around to hang out in downtown
how could i knew you woldn't have called?
now i'm all alone again
lacking almost everything
hating all your new found friends
can't you see i'm desperate, i'm here
i'm restless
Track Name: A Simple One
my eyes are closed but you're so close to see them and read inside my head
the controversial feeling of losing you or losing my defense
wished that i was skilled enough to travel throught space-time
the line is broke in two the pieces matched together but we can't
ever came back on the steps?
or forget the day we met?
do you know i always struggle for this
and sometimes it's worth a try
and sometimes we'll cross our eyes
do you know i always struggle for this
the piece doesn't match and it's a shame
i wished i knew what was the best for me
Track Name: Make A Sound
the sad beautiful fact is that we're going to feel that lack
of some precious attention
cause you know all the answers
i'm not strong enough for moving on
i'm chasing you while you walk throught a desert
i feel like i'm erased
i'm not falling for you again
come back now
just make a sound
to let me know that you're around
the silence that you break
a broken glass now i'm awake
then a nightmare is over
sick for overexposure
all the things were supposed to be good
expect for the best except for the truth
but a lie is something to die for
never again and never about you